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Must-Knows About Break-In Period In Two-Wheeler Insurance

by Angelina

People’s lives are busier, making it difficult to strike a work-life balance. You have a project to complete at work and tuition for your child to pay. Everything is urgent and has a rapidly approaching deadline! Remembering to renew your bike insurance policy after it expires can be challenging. It’s okay; you need to plan, and you’ll be fine.

What Does Two-Wheeler Insurance’s Break-In Period Mean?

The interval between a policy’s expiration and renewal is the break-in period. If you renew the insurance on your bike on May 10th, but it expires on April 20th, your policy is inactive for the twenty days that separate the expiration date from the renewal date. The break-in period is those twenty days.

Adverse Repercussions Of The Two-Wheeler Insurance Break-In Time

You may be impacted by the break-in period from a legal and financial security standpoint.

Legal Ramifications

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 requires all vehicle owners in India to obtain at least third-party liability insurance before driving a car or riding a bike on Indian roads. Therefore, riding your two-wheeler during the break-in period is prohibited.

Those who ride their two-wheelers without a valid bike insurance policy face financial penalties. Legal issues may arise if the two-wheeler is involved in an accident that injures a third party. Another option is to go to jail.

Impact On The Stability Of Finances

Insurance aims to safeguard against unexpected financial losses. Ensure you pay damages for theft or accidents during the break-in period, as it lacks coverage. Avoid riding during this period and timely renew your policy.

NCB Scenario: Insurers award a No Claim Bonus (NCB) to policyholders who refrain from filing a claim for the duration of the policy. There is a 90-day buffer to preserve your NCB even if you renew your two-wheeler insurance policy during the break-in period. To make sure you qualify for the NCB, you can choose to carry out the bike insurance renewal process of your two-wheeler insurance within ninety days of the policy’s expiration date. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy. *

Online Two-Wheeler Insurance Renewal

If you missed the deadline for renewing your bike policy, do not panic. It’s simple to renew your two-wheeler insurance online. Your policy will be sent to your inbox in just a few clicks.

A break-in policy occurs when there’s a gap between insurance policies. Insurer views on vehicle inspection vary; some require it before coverage, while others may not, depending on the lapse duration and the insurer’s approach. Make sure you compare bike insurance online before buying one. When comparing quotes for different insurance providers, it’s essential to carefully evaluate the bike insurance premium to ensure you get the best coverage at a reasonable cost. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the motor insurance policy.

When the term on your two-wheeler insurance policy is about to expire, insurers frequently send out emails and messages. You can also set a personal reminder. If you use mobile apps and planners for your daily schedule, consider renewing your two-wheeler insurance on your to-do list ahead of time.

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