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Top Quick Fixes to Improve Your Internet Speed Right Away!

by Angelina

A slow internet connection, one that becomes glitchy as it hiccups on every mouse move is a great nuisance for anyone, who has to use the internet regularly for their work, study, or simply for play. However, when a hindrance like this occurs, what does one do? What are the right steps to speed up the internet service? Where should one ideally start? If you want a one-shot solution to improve your internet speed, we suggest that you read on. On a side note: while some of these suggestions may sound pretty plain but they are worth a try (especially if a quick fix is on your mind. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have in store for you:

Bandwidth Assessment

If you are stuck on one of your bad internet days and are consistently having issues with the internet connection or the signal in general, then it is best to assess the bandwidth first. While this is a rare occurrence, especially if you are using a service bundle but it is better to get your issues sorted before they randomly pop up one day. While the bandwidth may not cause you internet-related problems, many providers ensure that you receive a bare minimum of 30 Mbps, if you have a cable-based ISP (which only gets better if you were using superior service like fiber-rich internet). The reality is that when more devices or gadgets are connected to the network, then your ISP might have throttled your speed. While it is always better to check in with the provider, you can always re-align the package, if you have the option to pick a better service deal.

Run an Internet Speed Test

Another quick fix you can try if the internet speed is uber-slow at your end is to run a speed test from authorized websites like speedtest.net or fast.com. M&A IT consulting A speed test will show your current upload and download speeds along with relevant aspects that determine the speed of the connection. Not only are these free service websites that can practically help you indicate if your connection requires a check or not but they will also indicate areas, that may further require technical assistance. What’s more, if your monthly internet quota comprises a reliable internet connection then you may not have to worry about the menace of a slow internet speed, especially if the internet is working just fine. However, if the opposite is happening with your network, then run the test or try any one of the other quick fixes mentioned here in the list!

Check Your Router & Reset, If Necessary

Your installed router could also be one major reason why your internet speed could be fluctuating up and down. Since the internet speed is highly dependent on the router device, if it is not working properly, then this can seriously affect your digital activity. Just check if the light on the router is blinking on and off. If so, then don’t be surprised if none of your web pages load. Or that you are unable to get any work done online. Still, if you continue to suffer from an extremely slow speed, then reset your router device. You can do this simply by pressing the reset button. And keep it pressed for a solid 10 seconds, which should do the trick and you will find that the router works like it’s brand new. However, if the service speed does not see any change and you continue to suffer, then you can even try unplugging the router from the main power, which should serve the same purpose and help your router become workable again.

Change the Location of Your Router (Every Now & Then!)

A quick fix that you should try if you are suffering from a slow internet service is changing the location of the router–now and then. It is important to check if the router is placed not far from the device. Or that there is zero obstruction in the line of the internet signal. If that’s not the case, then try changing the location of the router and see that you can get a decent speed. You can also invest in Wi-Fi extenders, which should do the trick for they will help the router cover every nook and cranny of the entire house. This way, all corners of your home should be connected to a steady and stable internet connection that runs without a hitch!

Other Obstacles Can Also Affect Wireless Signals

Another factor that can result in glitchy internet is the placement of the router. If there is a greater distance between the smart device (or a number of them) and the internet-access point,  fractional CTO then your Wi-Fi connection is bound to be impacted. Simple factors, such as the router’s height or its location can also impact its performance. Always check with your ISP to ensure that you are only paying for the right internet speed. It is extremely important to remember that every provider facilitates with a different speed range, despite their official claims. So select a package that best suits your online needs.

Check If Your Internet Isn’t Hijacked by Internet Freeloaders

Who doesn’t love free cake? Or free food for that matter? Well, the same pretty much applies to freeloaders, who have an insatiable appetite for all things that spell ‘free internet’. Unfortunately, this could be a major reason why you are suffering a service that’s downright sluggish and full of hiccups! While you may have been naïve in thinking that nobody could have guessed through your password (that’s based on your birthday), it can easily be guessed, especially if the freeloader has a knack for hacking through your simple and credulous cyber guard. Therefor, it’s crucial to invest in an internet connection, which guarantees you a cyber-secure connection with top-notch security protocols in place! Try an internet connection like Spectrum. For more information, click here.

Miscellaneous Options That You Can Try!

Besides the above-mentioned options, countless alternatives are worth trying. These can actually try occasionally to enhance the quality of your internet connection. Trust us, whenever you feel that the service is not at par, as was expected, try these:

  • Disconnect all other internet-based gadgets and devices when they are not in use.
  • Want to see your internet speed pick up its performance? You have got to try two things–never overwhelm your speed and download only one file at a time.
  • Regularly scan your system for malware, bugs, and viruses. This applies to your nifty gadgets like tablets and smartphones as well.
  • Always keep your hardware and all shareware updated, clear cache and cookies, and use ad blockers to declutter your system and your sanity!

Wrapping It Up,

So, there you go! These are some quick fixes that will immediately resolve your issue and enhance your internet speed issues right away! Whenever you come across internet connectivity issues at the most unexpected time, use the aforementioned tips. With the help of these tips, you’ll be able to improve your internet speed in no time.

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